Chris Kölle aka Koellectronic.

It all started on a Chello. After years of practice, he found himself on synthesizers and drum machines, experimenting with the endless possibilities of space in music.

He created his own label „Alphamagnetic“ in September 2013 to open a new gate for analog techno music.

„Electronic visionary, sound art nerd and master of the faders and turning knobs. What this dude gets out of his analog-synth collection is just criminal. Warm but forceful base lines that start off with massaging the tummy, to reach a physiotherapeutic extend towards the end.“

2012 „Soundmachine“ on Itchy Pig Records/Sheffield

2012 „Voll auf die 12“ on Catural/Berlin

2013 „Boogie & the Beast“ Catural/Berlin

2013 „Mary, Lola, Tess“ Catural/Berlin

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